This half-day workshop will introduce you to the basics of Appreciative Inquiry (AI). Key concepts explored include the power of language and story telling in organizational life, the positive influence of valuing what works rather than dwelling on problem analyses, and the natural tendency for organizations to evolve in the direction of the images people hold.

Learn how to use the Four D cycle to:

  • Crack creativity

  • Conduct productive and uplifting meetings

  • Inquire into the “best of” your people and processes

  • Communicate and keep things moving in the direction you want your company to grow  

This one-day course spread over two-weeks was developed by Gervase Bushe at Clear Learning Ltd.

The workshop is designed to show managers and professionals how to create change in people and processes by paying attention to what they want more of. All people, regardless of their level of organizational influence, will benefit by cultivating an appreciative mind-set.

Course material is further integrated by a four-week action-learning phase and follow-up morning session.

• Turn “problem” employees into star performers.

• Turn problem plagued teams into highly effective teams.

• Learn how storytelling is affecting your people and processes.

• Change your story and change your culture.  

Yael has worked with youth on and off for over 20 years and has personally cared for 18 teenage foster daughters. Combining this experience with Appreciative Inquiry led her to new and inspiring ways to connect with and empower young people.

Yael has developed a dynamic and interactive workshop suitable for teachers, parents, caregivers and anyone who has a strong level of influence in the life of a child or teen. This workshop will introduce you to the fundamentals of being an Appreciative Parent/Teacher/Caregiver and then give you some concrete ways to apply the principles in order to enhance adult/youth relationships, encourage healthy self-esteem and promote understanding and connection.


“Almost always, in a diverse organization, the solution the organization needs is already being practiced somewhere in the system”.

Margaret Wheatley

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