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Executive Coaching is a professional relationship dedicated to promoting the leadership skills and character a person needs to be visionary, resilient, and influential. Often isolated by virtue of their position, and faced with constant demands and challenges, coaching provides leaders with a highly specialized, insightful thinking partner with whom issues can be examined and resolved. The coaching process provides a vital opportunity to envision, reflect, and plan accordingly.

Executive Coaching engagements are OptimizeD for each client. We begin by setting expectations for the coaching process and how we intend to work together. Next, I will help you get crystal clear about both your personal and organizational objectives and the manner in which you hope to influence and inspire others. You’ll gain expanded self-awareness through assessment, shadow coaching, and creative self-exploration processes and from those insights a coaching plan will surface to guide the action phase, governed by commitment and accountability for results.  Return on investment is directly proportional to the effort made by each executive and includes (but is not limited to) a more purposefully rewarding life and career.

Coaching Works

INtwoIT’s OptimizeD Approach has emerged as a powerful, effective and easily understood framework for the coaching process. Represented by a five-phase cycle of inquiry, it ensures clients remain focused on desired outcomes, gain enhanced systems and strategic intelligence, and commit to timely action and accountability for results.

  • DISCOVER Your desired future state. Where do you want to be?
  • DEFINE How you will know when you get there. What measures are meaningful to you and your stakeholders?
  • DETERMINE Where you are right now. What are your available resources, inputs, knowledge, skills, etc?
  • DESIGN How you will get there from here. What skills do you intend to develop, what strategies will you focus on, what actions will you take, who else will be involved?
  • DELIVER Meaningful results. Create a continuous improvement feedback loop and celebrate achievements along the way.
  • Accelerated Learning & Development
  • Enhanced Stakeholder Value
  • Improved Communication & Coaching Skills
  • Refined Leadership Skills that can be Verifed by Others
  • More Trusting Relationships with Colleagues and Direct Reports
  • Elevated Self Regard and Resiliency
  • Increased Self Awareness and Leadership Presence
I will consistently do my part to confirm that our work together is meeting or exceeding your expectations. As the client, it is your responsibility to fulfill your commitments and speak up when you believe adjustments need to be made. It is within this spirit of mutual trust and accountability that I promise to give you my very best and expect the best from you.

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