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OptimizeD Strategic Management & Planning  takes a holistic, systems and appreciative approach to planning and change. Inspired by the work of Steve Haines and other great systems thinkers and strategists, this planning process involves a thorough and ongoing scan of the external environment, the clarifying of purpose, vision and core values, identifying value-added positioning through a consultative process, determining key success measures and developing shared core strategies and action plans. All within a framework that values simplicity and participation. Strategic Management ensures people are well prepared, aligned and engaged sufficiently to take the unified steps that will bring the plan to life on a continual basis.

INtwoIT promotes fulsome participation in the planning process and enlists stakeholder involvement whenever possible. Organizations are encouraged to identify, educate and organize champions of change and continuous improvement teams capable to enduring the much dreaded, but unavoidable, Roller Coaster of Change™. This focus on building internal change capacity ensures individuals and departments are ready and willing to implement the desired objectives of the strategic plan.

“By grasping the fundamentals and essence of how an organization works, as a system within a set of larger systems, it is possible to work through the complexity and arrive at real, effective solutions…” ~ Steve Haines

The desired outcomes of a planning process are best realized when people are aligned, engaged and equipped to do the work and lead others to do the same. Consider an Executive Team Development Retreat and ensure your planning process gets off to a great start.

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Yael is Gold Mastery Certified in Systems Thinking Strategic Management and Planning and frequently works alongside one or two close colleagues to assist organizations in realizing their future goals through quality planning and supported implementation processes.