INtwoIT Leadership Development & Coaching provides you with the leadership and organization development solutions you need to advance your vision, people and success. We are a results oriented consulting company dedicated to supporting transformational change through executive coaching, leadership development and custom learning solutions.

INtwoIT Leadership Development & Coaching works with organizations of all types and sizes. Yael is particularly passionate about supporting leaders who are called to make the world more inclusive, peaceful, safer, and healthier.

INtwoIT values collaboration and will assist you to develop the extraordinary talent and creativity of your workforce with the following outcomes:

  • Conscientious and competent leaders
  • Increased customer and stakeholder value

  • Enhanced individual and organization performance
  • Sustained change through continuous improvement
  • Improved employee morale and engagement
  • Enriched organizational culture and creativity
  • OptimizeD communication and coaching skills

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There's a rock Lodged in a hole. At the base of a big, Green, Tree.

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She might be an older friend, or a big sister and shes barking out orders

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