The faster you go the farther you get! Nope, not always. In fact, while it might feel like you are getting things done at warp speed, chances are you will have missed most of what happened, lost invaluable reflection and adjustment time, and you’ll be left wondering what happened? why am i so tired? I recently made time for the “mat”, yoga mat that is. The minute i walked into the studio with its tranquil music i felt a sense of relief. I was slowing down. Intentionally. The “mat” can come in many forms, ultimately it is a decision to enter into a state of being rather than doing, and there are many ways to do that. I am looking to make my mat a bigger part of my life and already this week, having joined two yoga classes and one nia class, i am feeling more grounded and appreciative. So in an effort to get us all to slow down, right down here is a list of resources/ideas that might just help you do the same.

1. Join the slow food movement (have you ever heard of eco-gastronomy?).
2. Take a class: Nia, Yoga, Painting, Dance…(call a friend and take them, too).
3. Walk in nature at least once a week (years ago i coined the term non-specific urbanitis, then along came Richard Louv).
4. Turn off the TV (it is not reality!).
5. Meditate (even for five minutes)
6. Stay in bed all day (seriously, with your favorite book or special someone).
7. Wear comfortable shoes (how else will you enjoy taking your time between here and there? and it prevents cancer too!).
8. Get hot (sauna, bath, beach).
9. Don’t drive so fast!(it’s dangerous).
10. Eliminate or moderate your caffeine (pop, coffee, black tea).

And finally make time to reflect on your life, define your intentions, and adjust your course to maximize the quality of your life.