For most people January marks a time for new beginnings, fresh starts, resolutions and fabulous intentions. Professionally, it may inspire you to think about your aspirations, successes and setbacks and to consider creating a plan that will make the New Year a GREAT Year!

Frequently when people approach personal or professional development planning it is from a reactive position. The desire for change is born from an experience about what is not working. This is to be expected as we are wired to respond to pain (physical and emotional).  We are all pretty clear about what we don’t like or don’t want, and yet rarely do we give conscious though to what it is that we DO want. Let’s take that pain analogy a little further. If you put your hand on a hot stove you will, without thinking about it, pull it away, likely uttering an expletive or two. But if, instead, you were asked to set your hand upon something that you really want to touch, discover, take hold of, you’d probably stop and really have to think about it.

Making a mindful decision to work on ourselves is more wisely approached by considering what it is that we want more of. That involves a deliberate investigation into our beliefs, values, mission and vision. From there one can imagine the success measures, or indicators that would let us know we had met our objectives. After that it is a matter of thoroughly assessing where we are right NOW. And this is where assessments and feedback become our best friend.

The Leadership Skills Inventory Assessments (LSI-S) is one such assessment created to support individuals and  groups in determining a benchmark for their personal and organizational leadership proficiency. The assessment is a self-scoring and self-administered communication and learning tool that  assesses the level of functioning in  five leadership skills sections, which include the following:

  • Self-Management Skills
  • Interpersonal Communication Skills
  • Coaching and Problem-Management Skills
  • Consulting and Team Development Skills
  • Organizational Development Skills

The assessment allows you to:

Evaluate proficiency in 60 Transforming Leadership Skills

Determine required professional development for executive succession

Outline framework and focus for leadership coaching

Identify required skills for success in any leadership or supervisory role

Conduct a comprehensive 360 degree assessment by pairing it with the  LSI-Other

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