The CEO or Executive  

  • The CEO or Executive desiring a balanced work and personal life and the confidential ear of a trusted strategist and thinking partner. If you wish me to become more involved in your organization, I can do so in the role of consultant.
  • The CEO or Executive looking to develop a totally coached organization.
  • The CEO or Executive who strives for new levels of personal and professional performance.

Seasoned & Emerging Leaders 

  • Managers, supervisors and those in transition who wish to take their leadership skills to the next level and ensure measurable results for themselves, their teams and the organization.
  • Leaders who want to define their signature leadership presence.
  • Managers who want to master their communication skills and model the way for others.


  • Entrepreneurs starting a new venture and who want to do it right the first time.
  • Entrepreneurs wanting to optimize their existing company.
  • Entrepreneurs who are ready to tackle their first formal strategic planning process.


  • People responsible for operations and leading teams.
  • Individuals wishing to learn the art of Coaching and leading others.
  • Team Members wanting to work better together through ongoing Coaching.



  • People who are eager to steer their life path in a more satisfying, purposeful direction.
  • People who long for a greater sense of meaning, improved self-perception and resilience.
  • Those who know they could be doing so much more, or want to finally start what they have been putting off for years.
  • People who are in transition from one career to another, from school to work, from employed to entrepreneur.