Over the past 20 years the field of coaching has evolved to become a key contributor in the field of human development, performance and change. Drawing on scholarly research from behavioural and cognitive sciences, psychology and philosophy, and applied in organizations around the world, it has emerged as a triumphant and necessary ally in leadership development and learning.

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The purpose of coaching, in business and life, is to make a positive change in performance, attitude or skills, in such a manner that you will be better able to fulfill your objectives and express your purpose and gifts in the world. A Coach challenges you and takes the time to assist you to clarify what life and success means to you.

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  • A Coach focuses more on the skills you need today to create what you want now and for your future, instead of focusing mainly on your past and how it is affecting you.
  • A Coach provides the tools, structure, and support for you to orient your life and business around your true beliefs, values, and sense of purpose.
  • A Coach guides you to plan to leave a legacy that inspires you to move forward with 100% of your commitment, talents, and potential, without becoming a “burnout” case. Balance in life is paramount!
  • A Coach asks you to do more and be more than anyone else has ever asked of you, including yourself.
  • A Coach steers you to live the life you have longed for in your heart, and challenges you to remove obstacles that prevent progress.
  • A Coach is a navigator who keeps you on the course you really want to follow.
  • A Coach is a catalyst to move you toward your vision of a preferred future for yourself and others you love.
  • A Coach creates the environment for you to discover and express the highest and best use of your time and talents.
  • A Coach holds you accountable without nagging. That means accountable to optimize each area of your life and business so that you can move ahead to where you want to be.
  • Executive and Leadership Coaching helps you to see how you can leverage your personal leadership development to build successful teams, enhance corporate culture or spirit in the workplace, and make the bottom line increase at the same time.
  • I often recommend that my executive and leadership clients consider offering their employees the OptimizeD Coaching Skills Program to realize the bottom line benefits of a totally coaching culture.