I offer all prospective clients a free (up to) 1 Hour Teleconference session all you need to do is E-mail me at yblum@intwoit.com or call me directly at  1-604-889-4787 to book your free phone session with me. You can explain what you’re up against and what you want to achieve.

I’ll let you know how I can help and will brainstorm with you some initial strategy or direction. In this session, we’ll find out together if Coaching is for you. Most important, I want you to feel at ease talking with me so you will be comfortable discussing the important issues that are impacting your business and/or personal life (it can be one, or the other, or both).

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You have nothing to lose. Coaching is not something I sell you on. It’s something you understand and invest in because you want it…and because you instinctively know it will benefit you.

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If You Decide To Continue our next step will be to book a one-hour follow-up orientation session either over the phone or in person. You’ll get off to a strong start by both of us having a clear understanding of your goals, needs, and challenges. I will review some of the prep material I use, we might talk about learning tools and assessments, and together we will enjoy getting to know each. Together, we will design the best way for us to work together to accomplish your goals and I will share my client contract form with you in preparation for signing. If, however, you are not satisfied with the results of the hour, the session will be my gift to you and we won’t continue the coaching.

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Here’s How Coaching With Commitment Works:

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  • You call or meet with me at a specific time, usually once each week, or every other week. We will talk for up to 60 minutes.
  • You take responsibility for keeping a coaching journal and documenting your insights and action
  • I make myself available between sessions via email or quick calls for on the spot troubleshooting, feedback at no extra charge.
  • I bill you at the end of each month, and you send me a check, or you can pay by PayPal or my nifty new telephone App.

What I ultimately want is for you to produce results beyond the ordinary in your business and personal life. I am looking forward to speaking with you soon.