I have been coaching formally for over ten years and informally for many more.  My qualifications are, first and foremost, made manifest through my sincere commitment to my clients and the profession itself. Once I finished my certification back in 2003, I sought out mentors who could help me deepen my knowledge.

I volunteered my services and coached numerous clients dealing with broad business and life issues. I continued to read and learn about coaching and have finally reached a point in my career where my accumulated knowledge has resulted in me developing my own OptimizeD Coaching Skills Program. Parallel to my ongoing development as a coach, I have honed my skills as a leadership development consultant; this expertise, along with my passion for systems and creative thinking, strategy, creativity and change, conspire to bring you added value.

Life itself has taught me a great deal and this too, lends qualification to my work as a coach. I can journey to the core of life’s greatest upsets and achievements. I will not turn away if the subject of grief, shame, loss, or worry enters the conversation. I have lost many whom I love, survived cancer, raised a daughter, and persevered in the face of many other challenges

My Academic Background

  • Joint B.A. in Sociology and Latin American Studies, Simon Fraser University, BC
  • Certificate in Liberal Arts, Simon Fraser University, BC
  • Graduate Certificate in Executive Coaching, Royal Roads University, BC
  • Gold Mastery Certification in Systems Thinking Strategic Management and Planning