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Professional Development & Personal Growth

INtwoIT Leadership Development & Coaching works with its clients to select assessments, learning tools and resources most relevant to each person’s or team’s development and learning goals. In addition to being certified to offer the full suite of CRG user-friendly assessment, the Birkman Method and LSI, INtwoIT also works closely with a small handful of consultants qualified to administer the LPI, EQi, LEA and Myers-Briggs, all of which provide additional and/or alternative insights into personal style, leadership acumen, and emotional intelligence.

Whether you are looking for a comprehensive 360° feedback assessment system, wanting to clarify values, build a cohesive team or support health and wellness initiatives in your organization, INtwoIT will work alongside you to select and realize the full value of your chosen assessments and learning tools.


Detailed Assessments

Yael takes an integrated approach in working with each client or team. The emphasis is on learning and clients take an active role in both the interpretation and application of results.


For a full list of Assessments and Learning Tools available


Many of CRG’s assessments can be paired with a short, customized seminar making for a fresh and insightful professional development opportunity.

Please contact me to learn more about CRG tools and how they can help you or your workforce succeed.


Take Any Of Our Assessments Now!

Take the Leadership Skills Inventory
(LSI-S) Assessment Now!

Online Leadership Skills Indicator - Self (LSI-S)
Online Leadership Skills Indicator – Self

Take the Personal Style Indicator
(PSI) Assessment Now!

Online Personal Style Indicator (PSI)

Online Personal Style Indicator (PSI) 

Take the Values Preference Indicator
(VPI) Assessment Now!

Online Values Preference Indicator (VPI)

Online Values Preference Indicator (VPI) 

With the CRG learning resources, individuals are requested to underline, cross out, or add words to everything they read—to personalize the interpretations. This open architecture allows users to alter their interpretations and avoids the ‘pigeonholing’ effects found in other measurements that utilize and either/or construction of choices…people are encouraged to develop their own, more complete and unique style description. ~ Ken Keis CRG

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