What an intense process it has been putting a website together. It has forced me to specify and clarify. I have come into contact with my highest hopes and deepest doubts. I have had a conversation with myself (and my web designer!) about what it is I really want to be doing. In essence, this process has been a self-coaching and leadership opportunity. INtwoIT summarizes what I hope to stand for professionally and the declaration leaves no doubt in my mind that I am, and will be, entirely responsible for the outcomes of my effort.

A few months ago, my sister and her husband, as a result of their inability to conceive a child, decided to adopt a baby through an open adoption centre in Washington. In order to be considered they were asked to delve deeply into their values, revisit their own upbringings, declare their commitments, examine their core beliefs, define their life and family purpose, request character reference letters, and put the whole package together in such a way as to capture their deepest, most authentic selves. THIS IS WHO WE ARE, THIS IS WHAT WE STAND FOR, THIS IS HOW WE INTEND TO LOVE AND BE IN THE WORLD. I couldn’t believe what was required and I imagined the effects such requirements would have on world population if every couple were expected to do such a thing. Needless to say they now have a deliciously healthy and happy baby girl and, as fate would have it, are now pregnant as well! I take much comfort in my new auntie duties and in the powerful metaphor that their story provides. That the clearer we are about our intentions the better able the world is to rally around and help fulfill the dream.

I hope my clarity is a catalyst for unimaginable opportunities, new connections and inspired idea sharing. It feels, in its own small way, to be a birth of sorts. It marks a new beginning for how i think about and market my coaching and consulting services. It marks the beginning of a commitment to blog and diligently consider what it is a i want to say. And i am taking time too, to acknowledge my accomplishments. I’ve worked hard to get here. I have many people to thank for their support and love. And I am grateful.