INtwoIT Leadership Development & Coaching provides you with the personal and organization development solutions you need to advance your vision, people and success. We are a results oriented consulting company dedicated to supporting transformational change on both a personal and organizational level.


INtwoIT Leadership Development & Coaching works with organizations of all types and sizes to optimize their effectiveness through customized leadership, coaching and training engagements.

INtwoIT values collaboration and will assist you to develop the extraordinary talent and creativity of your workforce with the following outcomes:

  • Conscious and competent leaders
  • Increased customer and stakeholder value
  • Enhanced individual and organization performance
  • Sustained change through continuous improvement
  • Improved employee morale and engagement
  • Enriched organizational culture and creativity
  • OptimizeD communication and coaching skills


INtwoIT Leadership Development & Coaching believes that leadership ability can be learned and improved. Leadership is a choice governed by self-awareness, truth, and an unyielding desire to support and mentor others. We offer a wide range of customizable solutions ranging from short workshops to comprehensive, organization-wide initiatives.LEARN MORE



INtwoIT Leadership Development & Coaching  offers a selection of executive, leadership, and life coaching options. All coaching is aimed to help clients change in accordance with their highest professional, and personal goals. Our OptimizeD Coaching Skills program will meet the needs of insightful leaders who wish to see fulsome, fearless, and supportive conversations taking place more often.



INtwoIT Leadership Development and Coaching offers a wide range of consulting services and expertise. We partner with prospective clients to define desired outcomes, align vision and mission, and design actions that unify departments and inspire enterprise wide involvement and results. LEARN MORE



INtwoIT Leadership Development & Coaching delivers customized workshops and training sessions. Ranging from short lunch n’ learns to multi-day offsite retreats, INtwoIT will work closely with you to ensure your content is relevant, valuable and dynamically engaging.LEARN MORE

What Our Clients Are Saying

“It is so helpful in elected life, to emerge from all the important city issues, documents, meetings, phone calls, e-mails, letters, media and other public events, to take time to sit back, look at the big picture and decide how to be proactive rather than reactive.” 
E. Woodsworth , Vancouver
Yael has proven to be focused and multi-skilled as an Executive Coach. She asks the right questions to rekindle a desire for what deeply matters to me, and enables me to clarify my vision and values. She encourages me to be open to change, to be responsive to new opportunities, to reveal old patterns, and to build new patterns of beliefs and behaviors. Her effectiveness as a coach is attributed to her wisdom, compassion, and uncanny ability to be candid in offering clear feedback.
P. Kasprow, , Vancouver
“Yael is creative, confident and passionate. I feel these qualities really are the heart of her facilitation. Her approach is down to earth, clever, relaxed and seems to be rooted in her own experiences. I left Yael’s workshop feeling inspired and equipped with new ideas, tools and ways of relating and being in the world around me.”
D. Pemberton, Vancouver
“I was given the option of consulting with a coach or participating in a job relocation workshop. I opted for the coach and it turned out to be the best decision I have made in a long time…Yael, with her persistent, probing and insightful questions helped me to find focus, to define specific career objectives and the steps to achieve those objectives…Yael’s ability to listen and provide honest feedback, with a good dose of humour, made our sessions a pleasure.”
R.Bastier, Vancouver
“As a business owner, I have found my coaching relationship with Yael invaluable. Through her support I have discovered more about what I want, where I am going and how to get there.”
S. Cutt, Victoria
“After sessions with Yael I always feel I have clarity and focus and this is reinforced by a variety of exercises and resources she provides to enable it to be a day to day process.”
R.Heard, Victoria
“Having Yael as my coach was instrumental in getting me to a state where my head, heart and gut are finally in synch.”
K.Reucker, Vancouver
“I have benefited from Yael’s ability to provide a comfortable place to attack deeply challenging questions…She guided me to consider troubling elements from other points of view. Consequently, I have uncovered capabilities in my professional and personal life that serve me well.”
L.Chan, Calgary
“I truly appreciated Yael’s honest and open outlook and I really believe that she has placed me on the right track to helping me find the right kind of work… she helped me to keep a continued positive outlook on life, and to think outside my immediate realm.”
B.Gill, Vancouver
“I really valued the time I spent with Yael. Yael has a knack for drawing out thought, and simplifying what seemingly are complex situations. For me I was left with a focus of what I need to accomplish over the next month, year and ten-year period. I am left with a confidence that I can accomplish great things in environments that are important to me.”
J.Jensen, Vancouver
“Yael helped me through my feelings of being completely overwhelmed. She helped me remove internal blocks and negotiate the stuff outside and she gave me clarity about how to arrange my life to achieve my goals.”
M.Habell, Seattle
“I have never felt threatened or intimidated during our sessions…Yael is supportive yet firm and able to keep my mental meanderings in line, which is no mean feat.”
M.Mordan, Victoria

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